The PS5 DualSense controller has been described as "magical" but its system compatibility is best described as "absurd". Meanwhile, the PS5 controller packs in modern features that will make playing certain games a lot more engaging (so long as things like haptics and adaptive triggers are supported by the game). He used Microsoft's game streaming software, xCloud, to play Xbox games using the PS5 controller. Let me start off with this. That's because the PS5 controller works on the Switch (kind of) and the PS3, but not the PS4.. The controller is really nice in the hands. A bit bigger then first gen ps4 controller(the comparison controller in the photos). I am a pc gamer and only use PlayStation controllers because I am used to it from ps2-ps4 days. Remarkably, this worked very well, though Evans did have to note that the controller's haptic feedback didn't work. The PS5 controller is awesome, although I don’t have a ps5 and don’t plan on getting one.


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