This is yet another example of Sanders' strong and recurrent interest in names and letter combinations. . identity of Erdnase being Wilbur Edgerton Sanders In a second instance, he contrasts conceit ("vain boastings") with true "high and reckless courage." There are no page numbers currently given for Sanders' excerpts. Some of these themes (and associated terms) are what you would expect in technical procedures and descriptions. For example, this phrase by Erdnase contains seven!! Erdnase: spectator to hold it in the hand that happens to be UPPERMOST. The techniques taught were revolutionary and inspired card hustlers and magicians for over a century. "To mansions in the skies" is a line from "The Struggles of Flesh and Spirit" by Branwell Brontë 1836. " For example, a view from above will tend to make people in the foreground appear to be shorter than those behind them. Both Sanders and Erdnase have a respect and almost reverence for [Excellence]. Bill, an' yer kaint fule me! 1902. ." In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Everyday low prices and free delivery on … Erdnase is strong. As seen, Sanders had facility with language in various forms, using foreign terms, colloquial and dialectical speech, and his own humorous neologisms (cyclopaediculous) in a natural, unforced manner. Reference to a then-current term for monopolies, such as Standard Oil and the Southern Pacific Railway. Sanders: good mining practice makes use of the framed set as being stronger and IN EVERY WAY BETTER. If you are seriously studying magic then buy it but if you are learning then The Royal Road to Card magic is more useful. 1870. "to gain the wealth of Ormus and the newer Ind." This document presents various extracts and corresponding examples of the two writers in the following sections. The uncanny linguistic similarity between Erdnase and Sanders includes word choice, idioms, syntactic/semantic patterns, metaphors, and the underlying themes they invoke. ☛ See also "for practical purposes" for more on the theme of theory vs practice. [slightly different syntax], the purpose of "winning" or obtaining [MTE], and how our manly "buzzums" swell with pride [CR bio], "smile that won't come off" [CRbio body], "a brave man struggling in the storms of fate" [CR bio], the historian would be inclined to "lave his work the bye," to side-stem the task and retrousse "down the center and do-si-do" in fear at.. [CR bio], and dormitzer as coxswain, with his lurid "langwidge" free. In this example, both writers use similar rhetorical devices to structure their expressions. References: Sanders' excerpts are taken from the following sources (most available online). Sanders employs a similar image in describing how Huntington, his classmate and fellow mining engineer, would "brave the cannon's mouth" in the context of pursuing of money (metal) in "the mining game." It is likewise significant when Erdnase references mining, archaelogy, and historical preservation— all key biographical elements from Sanders' life as a mining engineer and Librarian for the Historical Society of Montana. What can we conclude from this? Please try again. In doing so, they use the same metaphor (EXHUMING) and almost identical alliteration (Wicked, Wiles, Waste). 1900 [MHS-vol3], Sanders Diaries 1875-1896. The first passage is a mining letter written by Sanders. But for some of the more salient words, sample sentences are also given to give a flavor how how they are used. In addition to the common themes, topics, and modes of expression outlined above, other examples are grouped according to more purely stylistic or biographical criteria. According to Smith, Erdnase seemed to be unmarried and not from Chicago (where the illustrations were done and the book was printed) — both aspects matching Sanders. And in some cases, we select examples when an unusual or secondary word sense is used (e.g. concepts that are still in use today. Erdnase: the MOST subtle AND ingenious gambling GAMES EVER DEVISED [p117], Erdnase: one of the most most NOVEL and perfect machines ever CONSTRUCTED makes [p15] Erdnase's patter centers on the conceit of prospecting for gold. If we looked only at Sander's mining texts, his list would be significantly reduced. . However, by grouping these examples together, we can better appreciate the sometimes striking level of similarity in phrasing, word choice, and concept— far more than would be expected from the technical domains alone. After a performance in Denver, Johnson was met backstage by the magician Del Adelphia and a friend whom he introduced as Erdnase. Sanders: the fascinating existence of the honest miner and the PRINCELY smelterman [CR bio], Erdnase: and some one says, "CARRY THE CUT," he will, of course, do so [p110] carroty face an' a freckled hair; he seems pure an' nobil ez he kin Note also that mining-centric and overly technical words (e.g. Topic words would include words particular to or closely associated with the domain at hand (e.g. In both, the idea is expressed in a highly ironic and satiric tone. This includes calling attention to cases when a word is commonly misused or a misnomer. William Wordsworth, "Composed at Neidpath Castle" 1803. He poetically titled the first section in his summer mining school memoir as "Sinking and Drifting with Machines." O. T. Slem" in A Fork Full of Appetizers II. Clever Fox Planner PRO - Weekly & Monthly Life Planner to Increase Productivity, Ti... [NEW-FLASH SALE-RRP £40] LUX PRO Productivity Planner – Best A5 Undated Diary/Organ... 2021 Life Planner-Weekly Planner Productivity Planner Year Planner Academic Diary t... Card Control: Practical Methods and Forty Original Card Experiments, Sleight of Hand: Practical Manual of Legerdemain for Amateurs and Others (Dover Magic Books). It's not evident in the photo. Thematic words closely associated with the domain topic were also omitted. Step by step, Mr. Erdnase demonstrates his own systems of false shuffling, false riffling and cutting, dealing from the bottom, and such slick moves as palming cards, … him talk uv ther pace he's set; an' uv what he's done, fer he's Several of these correspondences are detailed below. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Dalliance is an uncommon word used by both writers. Sanders: we cheer good lad your heart of GRACE, your pride that ne'er has halted. In it, S.W. The Appendix includes a couple longer annotated examples: a) Sanders' 1906 letter to Mining and Scientific press that illustrates, in a single short text, many Erdnasean characteristics; and b), a paragraph from Erdnase annotated with corresponding excerpts from Sanders.


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