Currently, cross-save is only available between PC and mobile, while PS4 players only have access to cross-play, but not cross-save. On mobile, you actually have a choice as to which server you want to play on, while on PC your server is assigned based on your location, and on PS4 it is determined by what account you have (if you have an EU account, for example, but are playing in America then you will be assigned the EU server). “A brand new per-city reputation system will also be introduced in this version of Genshin Impact, allowing the Traveler to gradually build up their reputation as they delve into each region and unlock bountiful rewards and brand-new, region-exclusive items and customizations. The latest information on the Switch version of the game reads: “Open-world ARPG game Genshin Impact will come to Nintendo Switch in the future. Android to iOS to PC works just fine — it is entirely cross-save. The official release date of Genshit Impact’s Switch version and information about the beta tests will be revealed in the times to come. Unfortunately, again, you cannot transfer save data between servers, so you must choose the same server as your account was originally created on. When the Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact launches, that will also be excluded from save data transfers. Some became very angry and smashed a PlayStation 4 because it looked so alarmingly similar to the Zelda Switch game. This will be part of the upcoming Genshin Impact update, which will be going live on November 11. Speaking about Genshin Impact’s Switch release date, the head of the miHoYo communication, Sam Lai mentioned that the Switch version of Genshin Impact in under development. “During the two-week event, players can accomplish a series of new quests, take part in a range of new co-op challenges, and earn rich rewards including the 4-star character Fischl. So while there will be better loading times, the graphical output will be around the same PlayStation 5 users. If the situation changes, we’ll let you know. You may remember last year when a Chinese game studio called miHoYo revealed its Breath of the Wild-like Genshin Impact to the world. You have entered an incorrect email address! Some took it as a cool twist on the incredible Nintendo game, and look forward to playing it. Unfortunately, once you’ve started a game of Genshin Impact and either chosen or have been assigned a server, you’re stuck with that choice for that particular UID/Account. There was a paid version of the game made available leading up to its launch, and there’s a chance a starter pack will be made available on Switch. But will the development studio give those angry fans the ultimate slap in the face and release it on Switch to compete directly with the game its thought to have cloned? In case there was any doubt about Genshin Impact’s release on Switch, you can check out the trailer posited on the official Genshin Impact YouTube Channel.


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