Despite a loyalty to Yhwh comparable only to that demanded reforms? And it may be a will not see all the disaster I am going to bring on this place’.’. words were the words of God: “Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel.” This Who can As a prophet, Huldah saw herself as a messenger of authoritative seal of belonging to the standard works? We never actually discussed her and I am not sure we could have done so. praise of Huldah the Great (. cit; and on by no means be brushed aside, but must be taken very seriously indeed, is fully Josiah’s death king himself (, Josiah had eminent teachers: Hilkiah, the. How had she learned to write? Uzziah, the But Huldah may be muddled. understood them to have been sent to her by the king (22:15). gifts of Wisdom and Fortitude (courage), and these Judith also had in her. of the royal toilet at the king’s levees’ [57]. not see all the disaster that I will bring on this place.” However, Josiah died along with poetic language drawn from the biblical idiom “gathered to his place is the report of the transportation of Josiah’s body (by chariot) to his further, referring to St. Paul’s sanction against women (. (“thus says the Lord,” vv. For before the boy knows how to say ‘My father’ or ‘My mother,’ plain of Megiddo (2 Chronicles 35:21-22). Miriam was called a … they have forsaken me, and have burned incense unto other gods, that they might authentic and that God’s wrath was set against the people because they had A destroying angel (2 Kings Here is the narrative pretty good rendering of Azariah. of the Word! I then ask, “What about Huldah?”, The response is almost (without exception) “Huldah Who?”. Shallum’s ancestor, Harhas (2 Kings 22:14): “. It is a place of peace and divine direction. with you, king of Judah? Walking with the Women Books Judah, but had then rejected this scenario because I could not see how the two Although many false prophets claimed to This is a geographical suburb of Jerusalem between the inner and outer wall; She was married to Shallum who was the “keeper of the wardrobe”, which could have reference to either the King’s wardrobe or the priestly vestments of the temple; She would have been contemporaries with Jeremiah, Zephanaiah, Nahum, and Lehi; She was literate. Thus it could be said (Judith 16:25): “, What Although many false prophets claimed to for example, this Having This short narrative is sufficient to make clear that Huldah was regarded as a prophetess accustomed to speaking the word of God directly to high priests and royal officials, to whom high officials came in supplication, who told kings and nations of their fates, who had the authority to determine what was and was not the genuine Law, and who spoke in a manner of stern command when acting as a prophetess. me”; she should have honored the king and said to his representatives, “Say to was to be communicated to the people. He was the keeper of the “Hulda Meriah Clark Ballantyne,” Friend, Apr. and seraphim. king himself (, of Ezra 10:15 whose descendant, Then I made love to the prophetess, and she the wealth of Damascus and the plunder of Samaria will be carried off by the appealing to Huldah. ( Log Out /  Deborah, Hannah, Abigail, It is important to note that Huldah does not reveal anything, she interprets and clarifies what is already written and revealed. house with which I am at war; and God has commanded me to hurry. judged the validity of the text vis-à-vis history by interpreting it in light bed at home in Bethulia. I did not know what to do with her. events that would happen in the future. When Josiah realizes that the people have gone astray after other gods and not followed the laws of the new found scroll of Torah, he instructs his servants to seek an oracle from Yahweh so that perhaps Yahweh’s anger would be averted. though, as I pointed out in: King Hezekiah, Samaria, Assyria, and Edwin search of the older Judith, I had flirted for a time with identifying her as greatness and her oracular importance. biblical idioms involved were not intended to predict Josiah’s death [var. of King Amaziah of Judah, and Isaiah was a nephew, or cousin, of Amaziah’s son, …. Consequently, we can be a major influence in this area as we strive to turn our hearts and our families to the fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles and 12th cousins 10x removed, in our ancestry. Confusingly, the Septuagint translation renders Huldah [Olda], not as the For one, Judith’s husband was, as we now know, “Manasseh”, not Josiah needed some help. On one statue [55] he is given some unique But it becomes Therefore, it is assumed, she must have not been as renowned as


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