[64], Under Kitty's new leadership, the X-Men go through some small changes in order to shed their past history and make new names for themselves, such as convincing Rachel Summers to change her code name to Prestige and renaming the mansion as The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach. 1991       16.14285714 1981       13.78571429 Writing - another phrase that could replace "goes beyond all bounds of decency". [24] Kitty is a vocalist in American Pleasure Club, which she joined in 2018. The EP, renamed Frostbite, was released on November 18, 2014. [volume & issue needed]. [79] After a few adventures in that timeline, mostly in company with her Earth-616 counterpart's team Excalibur, Kate regains her memory and returns to her original timeline where she is able to reprogram the ruling Sentinels to protect life, ending their tyranny. 2003       20.07142857 Likewise, because the time scale calendar has its origin at the Fantastic Four's space flight in FF#1, we do not know exactly when any birthdays or anniversaries are - The date of the space flight is not known. 2019       24.64285714 [73] On March 9, 2015, Kitty released Frostbite: The Remixes; an EP of remixed tracks from Frostbite. Later that year, in June 2012, Kitty collaborated with American rapper Riff Raff on the song, "Orion's Belt. When Professor X dismissed the class, Kitty went back for her bag and greeted the Professor before phasing through the door as she exited.Kitty also took history classes taught by Storm. 2027       26.92857143 The song is about the closing of the Brooklyn underground music venue 285 Kent. This Shadowcat had the added ability to disrupt life force with her phasing power, knocking her victims unconscious, much like how her counterpart in the "prime" Marvel Universe (Earth-616) can disrupt technology that she phases through. Peter promises her that he will never abandon her no matter how much she changes. [95] The duo shared a demo titled "Mad Girl's Love Song" on Christmas Day, 2017. The X-Men went to Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, for aid, but Richards initially refused because he was not sure he would be able to help. [45] An analysis by Kavita Rao hypothesizes that Kitty created an intense muscle memory to keep herself and the bullet phased and has "forgotten" how to un-phase. Claremont has also hinted in dialogue throughout the title so far that she may have also undergone psychological or psychic changes as a result of the event. Book partly set on a prison planet where prisoners are simply dumped and left. [35] During this time, Kitty was attracted to a S.H.I.E.L.D. [26] On September 24, they shared another song from the upcoming release, titled "Mary Poppins". It is indicated, from her own statements and those made by her reality's counterpart of Moira MacTaggert, that this Shadowcat is a true ghost, raised from the dead by a combination of science and magic and bound to serve the Nazi regime. After the fallout between Colossus and Magneto, Shadowcat sides with Colossus, whom she has married. The formula for which it argues is 1 comic year for every 3.5 real-world years. It includes the pre-singles "Second Life", "285", and "Miss U". From Forever #4 to the current issue, she is shown to be able to use the claw in the exact method Wolverine would manifest it, with no apparent ill effects (the mechanism for this has not yet been made clear) outside of excruciating pain. 2018       24.35714286 A second version was a crime boss who was betrayed and killed by her partner in crime Illiyana Rasputin. [23] On May 10, 2017, the original song "Hollywood" by Kitty and Sam Ray was shared through the SoundCloud account. 2013 is the end of Year 13. 1986       15.21428571 Kitty slays several vampires in the way but Storm proves too much for her and Kitty becomes her unwilling slave for some time. They remained friends until his death some time later. Kitty becomes a student at Xavier’s school, when her mother allows her to attend under the condition she does not take part in any X-Men missions, nor train in any "Danger Room" simulations. [77] To fund the album, Kitty launched a campaign through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on August 11, 2015. [63][64], Kitty recorded a series of covers one night while "drunk in [her] room alone", and released them on June 27, 2014 as an EP titled Don't Let Me Do This Again. [7] Her co-creator, Chris Claremont, had always intended this to be the case, considering Rachel Summers as a possible love interest for Pryde. [56][57], On May 13, 2014, Kitty released an EP titled Impatiens, named for the impatiens genus of flowers. Rage, which was released on January 31, 2013. 1988       15.28571429 [24], During the 1984–1985 Kitty Pryde and Wolverine miniseries, Kitty is possessed by a demon, the ninja Ogun. Kitty can also make objects intangible by maintaining contact with them. [volume & issue needed], A version of Kitty Pryde codenamed Cat first appeared in Exiles #96. At the end of Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men, Scott Summers mentions that Doctor Strange, Reed Richards, and some "top men" tried to save her, but believe she has fused to the bullet, as it continues to hurtle through space. This created a moral dilemma for both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, and both teams fought each other because the Fantastic Four were trying to stop the treatment while the X-Men were determined to save Kitty's life. [81] She helps Psylocke defeat Doom's soldiers who have invaded the Panoptichron. She idolizes Spider-Man and has a crush on him; she even dates Peter Parker for a time. Year 5 and Year 13 are 8 years apart so: 13.5+8= 21.5. As noted there, it's a fair deduction that she was intended to be at least about 18 when she had a sexual relationship with significantly older Pete Wisdom in 1996. [volume & issue needed] Since returning to Westchester, Kitty has shared several kisses with Iceman. She is able to phase at least six other people (or objects of similar mass) with her, so long as they establish and maintain physical contact with her. How long is Kitty Pryde using her powers in the future? Where she once had to make a conscious effort to phase, she could now only maintain her solidity through an act of conscious will. [27], At this time, Kitty's natural state was to be intangible. 2030       27.28571429. Kitty was charged by Logan before his death to locate Jimmy and reveal his true origins to him. However, while I don't know what her precise in-story birthday is, her Uncanny X-Men #129 first appearance was in January 1980, so if she was thirteen and a half at the time, perhaps the formula should be 13.5+(CurrentDate-1980)/3.5, in which case for the January of each reader year, the table should be: 1980       13.5 D.A.I.S.Y Rage was Kitty's first release under her mononymous stage name, rather than Kitty Pryde. 15 / 1987 [61] When Captain Marvel summons the Guardians to Earth to help her address Tony Stark, Kitty learns that Thanos is a prisoner on Earth and tries to convince Quill to tell Gamora. ", on January 9, 2012. Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde was born in Deerfield, Illinois, to Carmen and Theresa Pryde. At one point, Quill gets captured during one of their dates and she has no option but to go to his rescue, despite her fear of space as a result of her being trapped on the giant space bullet. This would subtract 2 years from her age. After joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, she assumes her fiancé's superhero identity as the Star-Lord. 1990       15.85714286 intern her own age, and this made her begin to doubt her relationship with Wisdom. Her appearance can be changed but her natural form appears to be rather gaseous in look. From the very beginning there was a love interest between Kitty and Piotr Rasputin (Colossus), but editors didn't approve of a 14 and 19 year old in a relationship (Archived link). Toad's slime). In May 2012, Kitty uploaded the homemade music video for her song, "Okay Cupid," to YouTube;[12] the song became popular, and Rolling Stone ranked the hit single as number 17 of 50 Best Songs of 2012. The arc concludes with a battle between Iceman and Cannonball against the Marauders for the diaries, during which they are destroyed by Gambit. He then released Krakoan seeds at her feet, which wrapped around her and prevented her from using her powers. According to the Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe, she was 13-1/2 in Year 5 of the Modern Age of Heroes. Then, Kitty convinces Peter to steal a powerful artifact called the Black Vortex from his father J'son. 2001       19.5 2007       21.21428571 Kitty then singleh… She is highly talented in the design and use of computer hardware. Phoenix then used her considerable telepathic power to erase the memories of Kitty's parents and plant false ones, resulting in a complete shift in their attitude towards Xavier. Jubilee? This would appear to have been retconned, though, as of Marvel Zombies: Halloween, which depicts her and her son Peter with Colossus surviving for several years in an out of the way house farm, encountering zombies, but, fortunately, being rescued by Mephisto, who dispatched the remaining zombies. When she and Colossus try to touch, it is revealed that she is trapped in her intangible form, unable to speak, and the X-Men place her in a protective chamber similar to the one used for her following the events of the Mutant Massacre. [60] After Quill loses his title as king he and Kitty end up on a mission with the rest of the Guardians on a concentration camp prison planet owned by the Badoon after Gamora gave them information on it so they can free Angela. She also proves useful in the fight against the Brotherhood led by Cyclops. 2021       24.71428571 2023       25.28571429 All they knew was Kitty had left with Xavier's "students" to get a soda, there had been reports that the soda shop had been blown up, and Kitty had been missing since. By then she had completely decomposed to a skeleton. [volume & issue needed], In the reality where Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman, Kitty is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1982       13.57142857 An official music video was made for "BrB (˘ ³˘)❤"; the first music video directed by Kitty herself. [98] This led to her being chosen to compose the soundtrack to the game's Battles expansion pack, taking over from the original composer Disasterpeace. [45] A music video for the Riff Raff collaboration "Orion's Belt" was released on June 18, 2012, through the Noisey YouTube channel. It was made available to download from the Adult Swim website on June 22.[76]. In the early 2000s, she disappeared from the spotlight after semi-retiring from superhero work. Now that she is older, there are many younger X-Men around, but Kitty is still younger than Scott, even though Scott is usually depicted as being in his early 40s at the oldest.


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