The face itself is red and it’s one of the few breeds that actually have 5 toes on the feet. To help cut down on the frequency, you can make the chicken waterer slightly elevated to keep dirt and muck out. Sultan hens are not among the good egg layers, and do not generally go broody. But the White variety is most popular and well known. While they used to be good candidates for consumption, there aren’t many places that still eat them today. It’s important to have a home that’s big enough for everyone and has areas where they can get out of the cold or heat. They are calm, content and friendly birds that do not have a problem with loving attention, They get along well with all other animals. The breed came to England in 1854 and came to America in 1867. Some of the earliest breeders wanted to introduce some new blood, so they often bred the Sultan with various Polish breeds. On an average, standard Sultan roosters weight about 2.75 kg and hens about 1.8 kg. . You’ll also want to make sure they have plenty of dry and clean bedding to keep them healthy and their feathers clean. The White Sultan is the breed for you! The eggs they do lay are large and white, but they don’t sit on them and it’s not you won’t get a consistent supply. Sultan chicken is a very calm, docile and friendly bird. Sultan chicken has red colored face, and it is one of a minority of chicken breeds which has five toes on each foot. As a result of this, they are a fantastic choice for a backyard pet or to just show off. Sheep, Bee The breed first originated in Turkey and is known as Serai Taook or Serai Tavuk in this area. If you want more birds of this breed, you’ll need to get them as chicks from a supplier and if you want more eggs, you’ll want to add high producing breeds to your flock. Sultan chicken is a small, beautiful, fully feathered bird. As a result of the size, it’s hard to see the combs because they are almost completely hidden under the feathers. And the bantam roosters weight about 0.74 kg and hens about 0.625 kg. The plumage on this breed is absolutely gorgeous and includes things like crests that are large and puffy, long tails and long beards. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A true Bantam breed is a breed that only comes in Bantam size and has no larger version of the breed.I have put together a list of some of my favorite Bantams that are also good for first time Bantam owners. It’s important to keep on eye on any animal around your chickens and make sure you know what kind of predators are around your area so you can do what you need to keep things secure. This could be a mix of their beautiful appearance and the fact that they are on the critical list. Sultan chicken breed also has a bantam version. This didn’t really change much in terms of personality, hardiness or uses, but there are a few more options in terms of their appearance and the colors they are. Photo from Wikipedia. Some of these are listed below. While it’s a small bird, it’s quite beautiful and is feathered on all parts of the body. 500g . They are good fliers and fences are must for keeping them confined. The breed is very popular in Turkey. They've been chic ever since the sultans of Ottoman Empire would keep them in their gardens. They get along well with other chickens. This will also keep them safe from predators on the land and from above. Chicken Breed Information - Sultan - Sultans are at the very height of ornamental oddity in the chicken world. Poultry . Ostrich Since they don’t usually go broody or even sit on their eggs, it’s not common for new ones to hatch. Qty-+ Add to Cart. They need special care and dry bedding for protecting their elaborate feathering, especially on their feet. Keep in mind, even if you have other breeds, the Sultan won’t have an increase in laying. Most domestic animals, like cats or dogs, aren’t a real threat but others like foxes or raccoons can be. These great birds adapt well to any garden size and do well in confinement. The head has a muff, three clumps of feathers which form a beard and a very large, globular crest. In terms of care, there are a few things you need to do. Regardless of what you do, make sure you’re checking the water several times a day and replacing as necessary. As a result, they don’t often go broody. As a result, they look like they have shortened head even though it’s normal-sized. The Sultan chicken is one of those breeds that are beautiful and quite rare. As stated above, the Sultan doesn’t do well in colder temperatures and they aren’t really one of those breeds that can fend for themselves and forage successfully. Quail Other than their feathers need some attention they have no special requirements. They are a low maintenance chicken with a nature that makes them perfect as a starter chicken. Duck The following accessories are ideal for your coop. These birds conservation status is recorded as “. 500g . Chicken This is likely because they had tender and large breasts. Not too noisy they do like to sing contentedly throughout the day. , WHERE TO FIND THESE BIRDS TO ADD TO YOUR FLOCK. Qty-+ Add to Cart. Sultan Fresh Chicken Leg Quart . Next, let’s take a look at the breed standard and appearance of the Sultan breed. Noticing the symptoms is the first step towards getting them better. Most domestic animals leave them alone but it is always best to keep an eye on dogs and cats. The only thing you really need to actively do is make sure their foot feathers and leg feathers are kept clean to minimize the chance of bacteria introduction or infections. While it’s a small bird, it’s quite beautiful and is feathered on all parts of the body. Disclaimer On an average, standard Sultan roosters weight about 2.75 kg and hens about 1.8 kg. Your email address will not be published. 0.730 KWD 0.420 KWD. Sultan chicken breed also has a bantam version. They tend to get along with most other birds in the flock and they love coming up to their humans to get love and affection. Next, let’s take a look at the breed standard and appearance of the Sultan breed. Qty-+ Add to Cart. With that being the case, here are 4 raising tips for this breed. Some other conditions that they can experience are mites, lice and various types of infections. The breed appear in three color varieties; Black, Blue and White. Both males and females are very easy to tame and handle. If you see that your chicken is behaving differently or seems like it’s having different droppings or discharge, it’s important to consult your vet as soon as possible. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. The plumage on this breed is absolutely gorgeous and includes things like crests that are large and puffy, long tails and long beards. They like to socialize so there should be more than one chicken in the flock for them to free-range around the garden with. It’s one of the oldest breeds and has been in America for an extremely long time. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We’re going to take a look at some of the important information of the breed and see what makes it such a great bird. And also very good as pets and backyard ornamental birds. Review full breed profile, characteristics, behavior and temperament of Sultan chicken below. they do a poor job and only lay about 1 egg a week or around 50 a year. It’s also important to talk about the personality and temperament of this breed. 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They do not have many health issues, but their feet and leg feathers have to be kept clean to stop foot diseases. 0.790 KWD. It is an ornamental breed originating in Turkey. The Sultan chicken breed was originated from Turkey. Hens lay medium sized white eggs. View as Grid List. Day Old White Sultan Baby Chicks Hatching February to July. They do, however, survive well in hotter climates and do pretty well when they are confined. Their combs are almost entirely hidden under feathering. Keep in mind, though, there is only 1 actual recognized color and others are a result of the cross with the Polish breeds. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. While it isn’t as common these days, years ago the Sultan was considered a good bird to eat. It’s also listed as critical, so there’s a chance that it will become extinct in just a few years. With all this information, it’s quite surprising that the breed is on the critical list. In addition to having the normal-sized, this breed also has a bantam version, where roosters weigh around 2 pounds and hens weigh around 1.5. The Sultan chicken once had a reputation for being a good meat bird, with the breast being large and the flesh being white and delicate. . It is known as the Serai Taook in it’s native area and also called Serai Tavuk. Different predators can get into different things, so it’s important to make sure you know what predators are around you so you can make it harder for them to get in. They are not among the very good foragers, and do very well in confinement. They fall into the category of Large Fowl or Bantam. Rabbit Would you like to raise one of the most unusual, eye-catching breeds of chicken in the world? However, as with any animal they love to roam free and free-range. It is a very old breed, has very beautiful appearance and it is raised mainly for ornamental and exhibition purposes. Since the Sultan has a very decorative look, it was extremely popular with the royals in Turkey. While white is the only color that’s officially recognized, they can also be black or blue. The neck on the Sultan is very thick and has a large number of feathers. TOP 10 BANTAM CHICKEN BREEDS FOR BEGINNERS, CHICKEN BREEDS THAT LAY BROWN, BLUE, GREEN, OLIVE, PINK OR DIFFERENT COLORS EGG, COLOR VARIETIES THAT ARE FOUND IN A LOT OF THE VARIOUS CHICKEN BREEDS, 45 FREE DIY CHICKEN COOP PLANS, TUTORIALS AND DESIGNS, Recognized as a breed of chicken in the United States, Yes – Feather Legged Bantam Classification.


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