The ASP Palm Defender makes significant improvements on normal, plastic pepper spray keychains. We offer the best price and largest selection of quality Pepper Spray including Fox Labs, Mace, Pepper Shot, Wildfire and new super hot Streetwise 17% Pepper Spray. Keychain and Compact Pepper Sprays Mace Brand keychain and compact pepper sprays come in a variety of models and colors, all with compact designs and key rings, so you can conveniently keep pepper spray … It is prohibited to leave pepper spray … About Keychain Pepper Spray. Do not use indoors. Pepper spray key chains continue to be one of the most popular self defense items that our customers buy over and over again. Sabre 3-in-1 Alternatively, another great keychain pepper spray is the Sabre 3-in-1. Use small keychain pepper spray only in case of real danger for self-defense. OC defense spray key chain products are small in … This pepper spray is also used by law enforcement officers because it combines UV-marking dye, tear gas, and traditional pepper spray … Do not use against the wind. That’s because the irritating spray is housed in an aerospace aluminum canister with solid … After contact with the skin use a plenty of water to wash off the dangerous liquid. All of these Pepper Spray models include key case with handy built-in key ring.Low price guarantee! Keychain Pepper Sprays.


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