In 1830 John Lindley published the first edition of his Introduction to the Natural System, embodying a slight modification of de Candolle's system. To the brass bottom of the case is attached 'a thin disk of polished hard carbon C, which is slightly less in diameter than the brass bottom, so that the carbon disk almost entirely covers this brass back, leaving only a slight annular space around its edge. He appears to have taken over with but slight modification xx. North of this saddle the slopes show a slight concavity, but are passable by troops of all arms in close order. Between this and the Chesapeake to the west and north-west there is a slight general rise, a height of about Too ft. In 1896 the grain area was 380,000 acres, a slight diminution having taken place since 1882. These slight differences in level, however, are found to have a most powerful effect in the direction already mentioned. In the estuary of the Medway there are a number of low marshy islands, but Sheppey presents to the sea a range of slight cliffs from 80 to 90 ft. To the south of Hythe this shore borders the wide expanse of Romney Marsh, which, immediately west of Hythe, is overlooked by a line of abrupt hills, but for the rest is divided on the north from the drainage system of the Stour only by a slight uplift. 159- This geological plain with a slight slope to the southeast is the product of a large continental sea that drained owing to a tectonic shift. How can you use “slight” in a sentence? Although the Coast Prairie is a sea bottom of very modern uplift, it appears already to have suffered a slight movement of depression, for its small rivers all enter embayments; the larger rivers, however, seem to have counteracted the encroachment of the sea on the land by a sufficiently active delta building, with a resulting forward growth of the land into the sea. Although not much enforced, this, with some slight changes, continued to be the school law until the close of the colonial era. It was necessary therefore for the first objective to make a slight concession to the second. She smiled and nodded with a slight blush. Knott, who made an exhaustive series of experiments upon various metals in the form of tubes, concluded that in iron there was always a slight increase of volume, and in nickel and cobalt a slight decrease. of Groningen, of which there are slight remains. Its summit consists of a plateau too acres in area, with a slight slope to the south, terminating on its north-eastern side in a sheer fall of more than 1500 ft. A section of the coastal plain, from North Carolina to southern New Jersey, resembles the plain farther south in general form and quality of soils, but besides being narrower, it is further characterized by several embayments or arms of the sea, caused by a slight depression of the land after mature valleys had been eroded in the plain. At Karasjok, Simpson found a slight decrease in I_ as relative humidity increased, but no certain change in I +. Kington-Oliphant (Old and Middle English, 1878) regards his work as the definite starting point of the New English which with slight changes was to form the language of the Book of Common Prayer. All voting is a sort of gaming, like checkers or backgammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong, with moral questions; and betting naturally accompanies it. This is especially true of her earlier lessons, when her knowledge of language was so slight as to make explanation impossible. 4. Slightlyoff-centre, a constant whirlpool swirls and churns turbulently, sometimes spitting up a boiling fount. Ammonium cyanide, NH 4 NC, a white solid found to some slight extent in illuminating gas, is easily soluble in water and alcohol, and is very poisonous. Thus it comes that comparatively slight use is made of the experience of the permanent financial officials in the framing of revenue-raising and appropriation bills. There were a number of protected industries before this, but they made slight impression on imports. In the upper molars the two outer columns or tubercles of the primitive tubercular molar coalesce to form an outer wall, from which proceed two crescentic transverse crests, the connexion between the crests and the wall being slight or imperfect, and the crests themselves sometimes tubercular. If we pass a little higher up the scale ot life we meet with forms consisting of two or more cells, each of which contains a similar minute mass of living substance, A study of them shows that each is practically independent of the others; in fact, the connection between them is so slight that they can separate and each becofne free without the slightest disadvantage to another. The dwindlings and growths of Nevada down to the present day, and to not a slight degree the general history of the settlement of the states of the Rocky Mountain region, arc a commentary on the fate of mining industries. The large t-shirt hung loosely on the malnourished child's slight frame.


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